Limited Solitaire

Limited Solitaire

Limited Solitaire is a free online solitaire card game. Limited Solitaire is played with 2 decks of cards, and begins with 36 cards dealt into 12 even piles. The remainder of the cards in the 2 decks becomes a stock pile. The player is able to move the top card in each pile and can use that card to build down the other piles by suit, or build up the foundations from Ace to King by suit. When the player gets stuck he may deal cards from the stock pile one at a time into the waste pile, having a peak at each card before it moves into the waste pile. The player wins when all cards have been moved to the foundations.

How to play Limited Solitaire

Limited Solitaire is played with two decks of 52 cards. The decks are shuffled together, and 36 cards are dealt face up into 12 piles of 3 cards each. The top card in any of these piles may be moved between the piles or to one of 8 foundations located at the bottom of the game screen. In Limited Solitaire, the piles must be built down by suit. When all the cards have been removed from a pile, the player may start a new pile in it's place with any card he chooses. The foundations must be built up from Ace to King by suit.

When a player gets stuck, he can deal a card from the stock pile into the waste pile, and use the card in the waste pile to build on either the piles or the foundations. When playing Limited Solitaire with a real deck of cards (not this online version) the player is allowed to peek at the top card in the stock pile before placing it on the waste pile. To simulate this we have added a spot right below the waste pile for the player to use to peek at the next card to be drawn from the stock pile. The player wins when he has built all 8 foundations up to Kings.

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