Intelligence Solitaire

Intelligence Solitaire

Intelligence Solitaire is a challenging alternative to the Classic Solitaire, 'Klondike'. The aim is the same, to distribute the cards in foundation piles, or suits, from Ace to King, but the game involves achieving this with two complete packs of cards.

Game Set Up

Cards are displayed in 19 sets, known as fans, of three. Whilst only the top card of each group of three is 'in play', it is possible to see the entire collection. The Aces are already displayed, removed from the main packs and ready to receive their 'twos'.

Playing Intelligence Solitaire

As with other versions of the solitaire, such as spider solitaire, piles can be built up by adding the next number of the same suit. So, for example, with the six and seven of clubs both visible at the top of their respective fans, the lower number can be moved onto the higher number. It is also permissible to move cards the other way, so for example, the seven could move onto the six. Remember, though, that the cards must be of the same suit. The alternative way of removing cards is to add them (in order and by suit, Ace, two, three etc through to King) to the foundation piles. These can be removed later back to main tableau if necessary to release another card, or for other strategic reasons.

Once a complete fan has been removed, either to the piles on the Aces or to other fans, then a new fan is automatically placed in the gap created. This happens until all cards are used up. Once no more moves are possible, the fans can be shuffled. This involves combining all of the cards that have not been moved to the foundation piles already. However, a maximum of three shuffles is allowed. Cards can be dragged from their existing positions to their target places, or when adding to the foundation piles, they can be double clicked or dragged.

Winning the Game

Intelligence Solitaire is won when each of the eight foundation piles are fully complete, the game is won. However, when no more moves are possible, and all shuffles have been taken, the game is lost.


  • Kings and other high cards block progress, they need to be moved to the bottom of sets as quickly as possible.
  • Try to avoid building the foundation piles in too uneven a fashion.
  • Preserve the reshuffles as long as possible.
  • When a reshuffle is necessary, move as many cards to the foundation piles as possible, as this option may be lost following the reshuffle.
  • Building long runs is fine, as they can all be cleared once a foundation pile comes into use.

Intelligence Solitaire is a challenging, but not the most difficult, version of solitaire. Target a better than 10% win rate and you are doing well. Games take about five to ten minutes, but a skilled player will weigh up the options before making a move; with so many cards on view careful strategic planning is very important.

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