Baker's Dozen Solitaire

How To Play Baker's Dozen

Baker's Dozen is a pile based solitaire card game played with four foundations. Cards are dealt in 13 piles, with four cards each. The bottom card faces down and the top three are face up. Kings are automatically moved to the bottom of each pile and face up when cards are dealt. The foundations are above the tableau.

Playing Baker's Dozen

Move Aces, as available, to the top of the tableau to build foundations. Foundations start with Aces and build to Kings of the same suit. Arrange cards in the tableau in sequential order. Cards in the tableau can be built on regardless of suit. Only the top card on each pile is available for play and can be moved to another pile. A space that is left cannot be filled, so remove the last card from each pile carefully. These spaces can be useful when arranging cards in order. When building cards sequentially, be aware of cards that can be blocked by building on top of them.

Winning Baker's Dozen Solitaire

Move the cards from the tableau to the foundations from Ace to King by suit.

Tips For Playing

Once all the cards in a pile are removed, the pile can not be restarted, so do your best to keep the pile in place if you have other cards that could potentially be moved to it. When you play, all the kings are moved to the bottom of the pile at the start, so your hand is more likely to win if you have four kings at the bottom of four different piles instead of a single pile with more than one king. Try to free up the bottom card in piles that have a high ranking card on the bottom (e.g. King, Queen or Jack). Building up a pile from one of these higher value cards will give you a better chance of completing the game.

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