La Belle Lucie Solitaire

La Belle Lucie

is a very difficult solitaire card game played with a single deck. The game begins with the player having been dealt the 52 card deck into piles of 3 cards. 52 can't be evenly divided by 3, so you end up with 17 piles of 3 cards and a single pile of 1 card. The player is only allowed to build these piles down, and by suit only. To make things even more difficult, if the player moves all the cards out of a pile, he can't recreate the pile later with other card... in La Belle Lucie, once a pile is gone, it is gone for good. The player must start the foundations with Aces and build up the foundations from Ace to King by suit. If a player gets stuck, he is allowed to gather up all the cards that have not yet been placed into the foundations, reshuffle them, and then deal them back out into piles of 3 cards. The player can only do this 3 times, so use it only when you have to. In order to win, the player must build up all four foundations from Ace to King by suit.

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